What New Technology Will Be in The Future

 What New Technology Will Be in The Future

New Technology in Future

According to me new technology that will change the impact in future is AI, known as Artificial Intelligence, is most used nowadays. According to these most of the upcoming works become so easy with the help of AI

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence

As I already told that AI is knows Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence process by machines.

how does Artificial Intelligence worked?

Data analysis is the core purpose of AI algorithms. I'll put it like this. How do you think people pick up new skills? They look on. They pick up knowledge through observation. In the same manner, machines can learn. The machines are fed enormous amounts of data, and they observe and learn, observe and learn, and then observe and learn some more. This process of learning never ends since machines, unlike humans, don't often get weary. The information provided to the machines may include actual events. People's interactions, behaviours, reactions, etc. In other words, by seeing and imitating humans, machines can learn to think like humans. That is exactly what the term "machine learning" refers to, which is a field of AI.

Types of AI

AI is basically of two types!
1. Strong AI
2. Weak AI

What is Strong AI? 

Artificial intelligence

Additionally, AI known as "generic AI." Where a human and a machine are identical is at this point. Robots with this form of AI are what we typically see in movies. Sophia, the first citizen robot in the world, serves as a good but not ideal example. On October 11, 2017, she made her public debut. Sophia conveys emotion when she speaks which show the existence of AI in our world.

What is Weak AI?

Weak AI often performs a single task with extraordinarily high efficiency, simulating human intelligence. Any computer game in which one player is the user and the other is the computer serves as an illustration. The machine is typically manually provided with all of the game's rules and regulations as well as its potential results. These data are then used by the machine to defeat any opponent it is up against. To simulate human intelligence, one specific activity is completed. Playing Chess on Level 10 with computer is perfect example of these.

Advantages of AI

Artificial intelligence
AI reduces the amount of time needed to complete a task. 
It makes multitasking possible and lightens the demand on the available resources.
AI makes it possible to complete previously complex jobs without having to spend a lot of money.

  AI is always active, never stops, and never experiences downtime.
  AI improves the capabilities of people with disabilities.
  AI may be used across industries and has a large market potential.
  AI speeds up and improves decision-making, which helps in decision-making. 

Disadvantages of AI

  • High creation costs
  • Unemployment
  • No human reproduction because there are no emotions
  • No originality
  • Nothing gets better with practice.


In the end I will say that AI is used more often nowadays like in Electric vehicles which clearly indicates AI is going to implement in the future. So, we need to prepared well which AI is good and Which one is Bad for us